Sqribble Review: Powerful Tool for Generating eBook

I become interested in knowing more information about the brand-new tool called Sqribble.

Sqribble can make you create an eBook, report, lead, whitepapers, and product info instantly.

So, I did a thorough review just in case you need this tool in your business.

Read along from start to finish.

What do you know about Sqribble?

Sqribble Is a software that allows anyone to make eBook, report, manual, whitepaper, lead, product information, and many others. In short, this tool makes a difficult task easy. By simplifying the creation of content and the process of designing, you would have much time. This cloud-based software has an intuitive interface. There are plenty of templates available, so there is no need for you to become a content creator of a graphic designer expert to use this tool.

There are plenty of eBook creators, but as intuitive as Sqribble, I don’t think it is available. Sqribble is optimized for excellent internet marketing. You can make a colorful eBook that would undoubtedly grab the attention of the readers. If you created an eBook in the past, you know how tedious the work is, but by using Sqribble, it becomes super easy.

Sqribble removes the difficulty in the process. You just have to click prompts and import contents – both texts and images. Then, play with the fonts and the colors to see what works best. In the end, you would create a beautiful eBook.

Who created the Sqribble?

Sqribble is a product of a marketing expert. Adeel Chowdhry is a renowned product creator, and a bests selling author. He is running a coaching business and a successful business consultancy with a focus on online marketing. Before the launch of Sqribble, he created Pixzel Studio FX. It is a digital tool that is used by thousands of business people all over the world.

Adeel Chowdhry understands the challenges that online marketers experience. So, his digital product is always created to help online business marketers succeed by providing practical solutions to the problems and challenges.

What are the things that Sqribble can do?

Sqribble is unique on its way. It is fully packed with templates that are intended for professional use. You would like the good looking covers, and the process of creating your eBook becomes satisfying and smooth. This tool is remarkable because it can do all of the following:

  • Automatically create a table of contents
  • Instantly make header and footer
  • Pagination is automatic
  • There is a drag and drop design
  • Add and delete a page easily
  • Add media
  • Choose form over 300 google fonts
  • There are 50 eBook templates available for 15 niche
  • Have ten different themes of eBooks
  • Create contents automatically
  • Turn the book to a flipbook

All the things I have enumerated are not yet all. There are still a lot more you can do using this tool. Sqribble is powerful for saving your time, effort, and money.

What are the things I don’t like about Sqribble?

Sqribble is almost perfect as I see it. The only thing I hate about it are the upsells and limitations of other features. There are four upsells, and they are super annoying. This tool works without the upsells anyway, so you can just ignore them. However, if you want to power up your tool, it is better to grab them. There are four upsells, and these are the following:

Upsell 1. Sqribble Professional

You can unlock a 150 professional eBooks. Of course, you know that the best ones are included in the professional version. The graphics are more prepared, and they fit all the types of niches. A single template, if you would check from the website of the stock, costs around $445 for only one template. So, if you want various templates, then power up.

Upsell 2. Sqribble Prime

You can get 15 limited edition templates available on your dashboard every month. So, your library would increase and make your eBook stand out. It is much cheaper than getting the templates from stock websites.

Upsell 3. Sqribble Fantasia

This upsell provides two in one feature. First is unlocking a 3D cover creation on the dashboard. It would allow you to create flat covers to a lifelike cover, a 3D cover. It is good at getting the attention of the people because it makes the eBook looks lovely and feel like it is real. The second is the feature in which you can create a flipbook that turns the eBook to an interactive and animated like it is real. It can be linked anywhere in the online platform and embedded on webpages with a single piece of code. It is super cool.

Upsell 4. Auto Finder Software

If you use Sqribble in creating your eBooks for eBook creation service and you would be paid, then Auto Job Finder is necessary. It would find related jobs from various freelancing websites and would let you know so you can fulfill them. You can save time and money.

No Automatic Save

Once you edit, there is no automatic saving ability. You have to save your work because it would not save itself manually. However, there is a saving prompt that pops up, but I find it somehow annoying. Yet it is an excellent reminder always to save work.

There is no Undo

The no undo button is another dislike I have for this tool. You cannot be undone whatever you have done. So, there is no way of returning from the last work you did unless you do it again. I cannot understand why this option is not available. My point is that every designing tool should have an undo button so that you can immediately go back to the previous design you had in case you don’t like what you have produced afterward. Maybe I just get used to the undo button from other software that when things do not look right, I can go back immediately to the previous one.

Sales Tool

For you to use Sqribble the best way, you have to purchase upgrades. You need to buy these upgrades to make use of this tool well. You can only have access to the best features once you purchase the product. For example, on the homepage of the tool, you would get access to the two features from six. You need to purchase the remaining because it is blocked. If you don’t, you will not get its benefits. It feels like this tool was created to make money.

The buggy of Plugins and Extensions

I was having tons of problems when I started using the tool in my chrome browser. I cannot use some features, so I contacted the support and pinpointed the plugins that I need to turn off for the feature to work. An example of this plugin is Grammarly. I use Grammarly a lot, so disabling it is not pleasant for me.

Options for design are limited

There are limited options for the design if you are only using the underlying product. For you to have access to more designs, you need to upgrade your subscription. Upgrading would give you much more plenty of options. When you want to edit the page, you have a minimal option for each element. Say, if you want to drop a shadow or an element, you may choose from light, full, and dark shadow. You cannot manipulate this shadow beyond these options.

Inability to create a custom color

Even though there are plenty of pre-created colors, it is worthy if you can create your color pallet. It becomes frustrating if your client has a brand color that you need to stick with. However, you can also change the colors from the options, but about the custom color palette, you have to stick to the color palette that is predesigned. I think it would be a nice improvement if the users would be given the ability to create a custom color palette and save it afterward to use. This way, you can manipulate the colors of the eBook.

Cannot Upload a Custom Font

Although there are plenty of Google fonts that are available, you cannot upload any other fonts in the case; you want something else. You would end up making an eBook based on the available Google font.

Storage capacity is limited.

You can only store a limited amount of data. So, if you are done with the eBook that you have created first, just delete it to give more room for another eBook. Let me give a detailed example. I created an eBook, and I have 15 pictures on it. I used 5% of the capacity storage space, which gives me the idea that I can only have about 20 or less than eBooks in-store at a given time. I think it is better if cloud storage is higher than it is right now.

What makes me like Sqribble?

There are some features I like about this tool, and these summarized into the following:

Predesigned format

Because of the plenty of predesigned formats you can choose from for your eBook, it becomes easier to get a beautiful and attractive eBook. You have to start from nothing. There are also color schemes you can choose from, which gives much flexibility and customization.

Savings Prompts

The tools do not automatically save the file after editing, but it continually provides a saving promptly. Every about five minutes, the prompts pop up. This prompt is a good reminder for some users who do not save work now and then.

Client Management

Managing and working with many clients become easy because Sqribble provides a breeze in managing the client in a specific dashboard area. Thus, you can have multiple clients, and you can assign various designs for eBooks that would fit them. You can also capture vital information and notes for your client. One of the useful features of the client Management system is the ability to give the clients the chance to provide comments on the eBook that you have produced. You can see the comments in the design panel, and you man make changes quickly based on the given feedback. The commenting section gives ample time for you and for the client to eliminate lengthy emails and long phone calls. Thus, communication about the eBook that you are producing becomes easy.

Google Fonts

The Google fonts available provides excellent options for users. There are about hundreds of fonts, and surely, you would find something you like that would fit the design that you are trying to create. You can also match the font to the brand that you are establishing.

Pre-set colors

Growing your industry with the help of a decent eBook is now easy. You don’t have to undergo much work anymore. There are more than twenty color palettes which you can apply in your design easily. The only problem is that I haven’t figured out yet how to make a custom color pallet and save it for future use.

Customization option

The customization option is simple, and it is available in the Sqribble tool. This option is helpful to people who don’t want to learn nor use other expensive software for publishing. In just a little bit of practice, you can use the tool to create an excellent eBook that is highly customized based on your brand.

Customer Service

Two weeks after purchasing the Sqribble, I interacted with the customer service because I have some queries. I was surprised because, in both instances, my queries were instantly resolved. The customer service was excellent, both are professional in dealing with the clients. My first interaction was about the coupon code that was advertised on the sales page. I cannot use it in applying the discount, so I emailed the support, and I received a new coupon. For the second interaction, my issue was about the actual use of the tool. The issue I had was about the design interface making my eBook impossible to customize. Then, I got a response, and the support identified the issue I was having. Unfortunately, the conflict comes from the plugin, which is incompatible with the system I was running, but I am glad that I got clarity.

30-day Moneyback

The moneyback guarantee is a must. Sqribble offers a reasonable moneyback guarantee, which is a good sign of positivity about the tool. There would be a 30-day moneyback guarantee if the software did not work well on you.

How does Sqribble work?

Once you open your tool, you would see dozens of templates for eBooks, covers, 3D, and other documents. These templated are divided for various niches. Just click the template that you prefer and modify it based on your preference. You would be taken to various steps in setting up your eBooks before you continue and edit it.

The first thing that you have to do is to name your project. Then, select the type of project. Choose if you want to get your content using a URL or create from scratch. You may also copy and paste the content manually or just upload the file. You also have the option to select the ready-made articles from the collection, then add the content as much as you want it. You can add photos, graphics, text, etc.

Once you are done adding the content, edit the format of your eBook. The titles and the headings are inside the textboxes, which you may also edit. You change the color, size, and fonts. After editing, download the eBook as a pdf file and open it in a new tab.

What interests me to try Sqribble?

I love pro designs and simplicity. It is incredible how you can create your designs quickly. I enjoy the flipbook, which makes the eBook realistic. Although, you need to upgrade to the upsells before you can use it. Just in case you do, you would love the same feature. It makes the readers engage in the eBook. You may tweak the designs and the layouts based on what you desire. You can create a table of content quickly and insert a beautiful layout. Play around the designs and formatting options. You can add other stuff like pictures and anything.

Sqribble is designed to make eBook simple. You are going on with the ready-made templates, styles, and layout, boom! You have your ready-made eBook. It can save you so much time and money. The attention-grabbing status that the eBook creates, you would engage your readers, and your eBook would stand out.

What are the Key Features of Sqribble?

I love the gorgeous covers coming from 50 options of impressive templates. It is ideal for promoting your products to your prospects. You can have more than 50 if you wish to subscribe for an upgrade. You would have enough options for different niches. You can also have instant content. You can import your text quickly from the website or the library. If you choose to type manually, then you can.

The style is easy to create. You can use the templates and customize them. You can add or edit the headers, text blocks, links, bullets, buttons, etc. Afterward, you can hit the generate button, and there you go! You would have your eBook created. If you prefer to create flipbooks, you can get this feature. You can animate the eBook to make it look realistic by flipping the pages. It would look real, and most likely would increase the download rate for higher sales.

The user-interface is super friendly. You can easily create quick formatting of the sections and other areas. You can easily format the texts and manipulate the inbuilt options to shape your work. You can also preview the work done to see if you need to change other areas. Using the Sqribble tool saves you time and speed up the process of creating an eBook.

Who should use Sqribble?

This tool is ideal for freelancers, small business owners, internet marketers, marketing agencies, writers, authors, and anyone who loves to publish eBooks. Anybody interested in generating additional income by providing services on eBook creation, this tool is helpful. This tool has a commercial agency license that gives anyone the freedom to use the software, serve other people, and retain the profits. The software costs $197, but if you purchase the tool during its launch, it costs $67.

What are the Pros and Cons of Sqribble?

Using the Sqribble, you can automatically generate and update the table of contents, footers, headers, then the page numbers. From a lot of fonts options, you can just drag and drop. It is super easy because of this feature. It is a beginner user-friendly. The basic features consist of 50 eBook templates for all types of niches. You can automatically add content from different sources. eBook covers are professional-looking, and if you upgrade to Sqribble Fantasia 3D, you can have an interactive book. This type surely grabs the reader’s attention and would give more traffic to your website.

On the other hand, for you access some more templates, more extensive libraries, and advanced features, you need to upgrade. You need to subscribe to the upsell versions. Choose from Sqribble professional, Sqribble prime, and Sqribble fantasia.

What is my verdict?

Your eBook should not look like crap because if it does, people would never waste their time to check nor buy. Since people get busy every time, a few seconds would determine if they read your book or not. So, it is essential to grab your readers’ attention quickly. Sqribble can help do an eBook that has value – one that people would read. They may think you spend much time creating it because it has value and high credibility. They would never know that you have a great tool helping you to create such. Instead of spending hundreds or even thousands of money on freelancers and other fancy software, test drive Sqribble. You would be amazed by this powerful cloud-based software.